Have you seen God lately?


Where is God?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Most of us have at one time or another.  It is a question we usually struggle with in the aftermath of some major tragedy in our lives.  Perhaps most recently in the mind of every American is the tragedy of 9/11.  Where was God then?

Some people may see this question as disrespectful, or they think that it shows a lack of faith to question God.    But personally, I have always thought that questions are a great thing–especially when it comes to matters of faith.  In fact, I think that this question is one that we don’t ask enough.

When Katelyn and I were little, our parents used to teach a weekly Bible Study in our garage to a group of high-school students from church.  The topic of the study varied from week to week.  But one thing that was consistent every week was a question my dad posed to the high schoolers:

“Where did you see God this week?”

As a young girl, it was really cool for me to sit in and listen to all their answers.  They would see God in the most simple and beautiful instances.  In the love of their families, in the way the sun shone through the clouds.  They knew that every Monday night my dad would ask them each this question, so throughout every week they would be looking for God.  It’s pretty cool how much you see if you’re eyes are open to see it.

So where was God this week?

He was in the big hug I got from Jase after a long week at school.  🙂

God is everywhere, in everything.  We just need to remember to open our eyes and look for Him.

So where have you seen God recently?  I’d love to hear.  🙂