What does a father expect? Part 2

After hearing from our Dad yesterday we thought it would be cool to hear from our grandpa—the father of our dad’s bride!  Here’s what he had to say:

What kind of man did I want my daughter to marry?…. In 300 words or less….

  • He must love God and God’s will, the Church, and all it’s teaching.
  • Is he interested in growing into holiness and will he enter into, embrace and lead his family and my daughter into the mysteries of life as God reveals them each new day?
  • Does he regularly receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Tithe, and Live Holy Days of Obligation? Does he respect church authority?
  • Does he have the discipline over himself? Mind, emotions, actions, habits?
  • Does he use or give to friends? God? If so, he will treat my daughter in the same way.
  • Does he exhibit  “nobles oblige”, work ethic, self esteem, humility? I.e. Is he the master of his emotions?
  • Does he cherish my daughter above all else other than God? Will he DIE to himself in any way necessary for well-being.  Eph. “As Christ loved his church.”
  • Will he PROTECT his home as his church? Joshua “As for me and my family, we will follow the Lord.”

If the above is truth, God will reveal the journey of life. Where to live, education, babies, work—are joys rather than obstacles. In my office, I keep a picture of musk oxen on the tundra of the North. They are in a circle protecting the young. They are family. All throughout history, families EXTEND… protect, cherish, nourish each other to independence and the cycle repeats itself. It’s God’s way, the Trinity, manifesting their self, in unity & love.

Sound impossible to find in today’s world?  You’re right.  Only God can provide can such a partner.  And He did. Your father, Alan Lane, God found for my heart, Debbie.

So, Katelyn and Mary, start praying for your daughters’ and sons’ partners now.