Finding Truth

“There’s some truth everywhere, something to learn from everywhere…There’s a lot of profound wisdom in other religions…But no other Christ”
-Peter Kreeft,
Yes or No: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About Christianity

As a Christian, I believe in objective truth.  As a Catholic-Christian, I believe that the Church Jesus set up in Matthew 16 (The Catholic Church) has the fullness of truth.  But this doesn’t mean that I believe other religions, other people, cannot arrive at any truth at all if they do not profess faith in the Church.

I think this is something that Christians especially need to keep in mind when talking to people of other faiths (or people of no faith at all) about Christ.  As one of my professors put it, when Christians get excited about sharing our faith with others, we tend to have an attitude that can be summed up with the title of this post: “Shut up and let me tell you about Jesus“. While it is true that there is only one Christ (and only one truth), this does not mean that only the Christian faith has truth.  We’re just the only faith that has it in its entirety.

We believe that all truth comes from God.  Just think of what it means that our God is so big that His truth is everywhere; you can’t escape from it, even if you try.  Once we accept this we can start to see the beauty in other religions; whatever elements of truth that they have they received from the same God that we believe in, even though they may not believe in Him. However, this doesn’t mean that we can turn a blind eye to the parts of these religions which can not be reconciled with the fullness of revealed truth, or that we can be satisfied with only having a partial truth.  God calls us to enjoy the fullness of the truth He has revealed to us.

By appreciating the truth that can be found in other religions, we can gain a greater appreciation for the extent of our God’s work, and also approach our brothers and sisters of other faiths in a much more positive way.