The Untitled Post


I can’t think of a title for this blog post.

I’ve tried.

And I’ve tried.

….And I’ve tried.

But I just can’t think of a title.

Now, normally I don’t really care.  I’ll title it at the end because, let’s be honest, I’ve got no idea where I’m going with this anyway!

And that was fine, until….

I am reading this book for my screenwriting class.  It’s called Save The Cat.  (…I know.  Talk about titles that grab your attention, right?).  Anyway, one of the first pieces of advice it gives is to know the one-line description of your movie AND YOUR TITLE before even beginning to write the “FADE IN” on page 1.  And apparently, as everybody knows, a good title is also supposed to be a mini description of what the movie is.  Or as he puts it, “It says what it is”.  (i.e. Legally Blonde)

In the book, he says that titling your movie and knowing the one-line description before you start writing are good because knowing these things will help sell your movie.  If you can’t boil your story down to something that engages people with one line, or if the title of it is too vague for the audience to get an idea of what it is, then no one will care.  More importantly, it’s indicative of the fact that you don’t know your story well enough, because you can’t just “say what it is”.

So forget movies and blog posts.  This got me thinking about life.

What would the title of my life be?  What would the one-line description of my life be?  What is my story?

And what if I approached my life like I sometimes approach my blog posts? …

I’ll title it at the end because, let’s be honest, I’ve got no idea where I’m going with this anyway!


Okay, maybe a little accurate though.

So what would the title of my life be?  I think it’s something worth thinking about.  And by virtue of that, it’s even something to pray about— because I know I’m not writing this story alone (it would be a lot less funny and more predictable if I was).

I don’t think we should have no idea where we’re going in our lives.  We may not know exactly how our lives are going to turn out; we may not know every twist and turn our lives will take.  But if we knew the titles of our stories, we’d always have those to look to.  When we get confused in writing the stories of our lives, we’d remember the title and think, “oh yeah, that’s who I am.  I gotta get back to that because I’ve veered off track”.

Having a title for our life story gives us a reference point, a beacon.  When we get lost in the darkness, knowing what our story is supposed to be is the light that leads us home.