What is the purpose of relationships?

“I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn.  And we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in return.”

-For Good (from the Broadway Musical, Wicked)

I was listening to this song today, and it got me thinking.  In truth, this is something that I wasn’t sure if I agreed with at first.  Because sometimes I feel like there have been people in my life that I would have been okay not knowing.  Like the kids who made fun of me when I was little for being short or for stuttering.  People like that, I thought, I probably would’ve been okay if I didn’t know them.

But then I started to think about it more from a spiritual side.  Mother Teresa always said that we are called to be the face of Jesus to others.  That, by our actions, people should come to know Jesus even if we never tell them His name—because we are supposed to bring His love to everyone.

If that is true (and I believe it is), then I think the above quote from Wicked has to be true.  Because even if someone makes a mistake and doesn’t show me love, I am still called to show them love regardless.  And learning to love in all circumstances is something I could always use practice in.

So I stopped thinking about the quote from the standpoint of people coming into my life and what they’ve done for me; and I started thinking of all the people I have known in my lifetime, and how God had me in their life for a reason.  It would be really easy to get all bogged down by some “mysterious” reason why God would have me in someone’s life.  You could spend your life searching for the answer to that question and miss it because it’s so simple.

The reason why we are brought into other peoples’ lives is so that we can love them.  All other reasons are secondary, and all other reasons naturally come out of love.

Love:  (v.) wanting and working for the good of another