Last Sunday…

On Sunday morning, I did something that I find myself doing every weekend, no matter where I am in the world or what is going on in my life at the time.  Sunday morning came and I once again found myself sitting in a pew attending mass.

Having a faith in college is somewhat rare these days.  People my age are often undecided even when it comes to the question of the existence of God.  To make a decision to set aside an hour or two for the public worship of such a God every week, without exception, is almost unheard of.  Surely some more pressing matter will come up that we have to attend to that will keep us from going to service—homework, sleep, sports, etc.  We are busy people!  “If God does exist,” we think, “He is probably a pretty nice guy.  I’m sure He doesn’t really care if I make to church every week.  I’m just trying to get by here, after all.”

Sitting in mass on Sunday I was kind of struck by this.  There are a thousand other ways I could potentially spend an hour of my day on any given Sunday.  There have been times when attending mass has been difficult and somewhat disruptive to the flow of my day.  So why on earth do I make it a point to go every single Sunday, without exception?

Simply put: I can think of no more important way to spend my time.  Think about it.  I profess a belief in a God that is all-powerful and all knowing.  This same God I believe was the creator of the universe, who created and set everything into motion, including me.  If I really believe as I say I do, then what could possibly be a better way to spend an hour of my Sunday if not to spend it in worship of this God I say I believe in?  What could be more important?