A Word About Prayer…

Even though it was a three-day-weekend, this past weekend was one of those that seemed to end too soon.  I was about halfway through my burger yesterday afternoon, after spending most of the day in the pool/ out in the sun, when I realized, oh hey…I have to be at class at 8am tomorrow morning.  Just like that, the summer vacation bubble I had been floating in all weekend was burst, and gravity pulled me back down to reality.

It’s not so bad though.  Thankfully my 8am class today is one I enjoy, and even though the seemingly endless routine of school and/or work can often feel mundane or meaningless, the discipline of routine is something I am thankful for; and many times it is something I actually long for in those “vacation” times of my life.

Still, there are some things in life that we are never supposed to take a vacation from.  I believe the most important is prayer.

My university requires us students to spend a minimum of one hour a week in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in prayer (Some students grumble against this, but I love it).  Because the chapel is just right there on campus, I find myself in there at least for a short while every day I am at the school.  Visiting Jesus in the chapel has just become part of my weekday routine.

It saddens me how easy it is then, while on vacation and away from my typical routine, for me to get hours into my day and realize, I haven’t really prayed yet today! Sure I have usually prayed before every meal and maybe said a few things on my way to the shower, but I haven’t really spent time with God in prayer as if He were someone I was trying to grow in a relationship with.  If the realization of an 8am class in the morning could stop me mid-chew at the Memorial Day BBQ, how much more should this realization hit me?  We live in a culture so wrapped up in material things that we literally do not even realize when we neglect the most important thing we can do with our day—conversing with the one who created us, and the only one who will truly bring us lasting fulfillment.

We need to pray.  It is the simplest lesson to learn and the easiest one to forget.  Prayer needs to be a part of our routine, even on the weekends or when we are on vacation.  Without it, we are surely lost.

One Last Thing-

I know that a lot of my readers may not classify themselves as “Christian” or “Religious” in any way, so you may not think I’m talking to you.  My intention isn’t to preach at you, but to invite you to respond to a conversation that God has already started inside your heart.  Just try it.  What have you got to lose?