How NOT to Express Your Love

Sometimes I think we make extravagant promises because they are easier than little ones— especially true when it comes to love.

Yesterday I was working on some homework when Grenade by Bruno Mars came on the radio.  The chorus played and he vowed his love by singing:

“I’d catch a grenade for you/ throw my hand on a blade for you/ I’d jump in front of a train for you/ You know I’d do anything for you”

This is just one example of the countless number of songs that have this similar theme: It must be real love if you are willing to die.

Now anyone who has read my blog long enough will tell you that I am all about a guy being willing to fight for his girl.  It’s not that I want a guy who will get into a fistfight over me at a bar (please, no); but I do want the guy whose love doesn’t fail when things start to get a little rough.  And I guess that is sort of my issue with songs like Grenade.  Promising to die for your love sounds nice and meaningful, but is Bruno Mars’ girlfriend really so at risk of getting a grenade thrown at her that it even means anything at all for him to make that vow?  I’m guessing probably not…

For me, a much more meaningful demonstration of love would be not a promise of death but of life.  You say you would be willing to die for your love?  That’s great!  But will you live for her?  Will you wake up early and sacrifice your sleep to spend time with her?  Will you stop looking at pornography for the sake of the one you love?  Will you love regardless of your busy schedule or how you may be feeling on that particular day?  It’s the little decisions like these that we make every day that will ultimately demonstrate our love.