Weekend Whirlwind

You know how you thought you would go into work on Monday talking about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, but instead you ended up wearing Red, White, and Blue in support of our troops and talking about the death of Osama bin Laden?  Well in a similar way, I thought I would be writing you all this post from Rome after attending the beatification of Blessed John Paul II, but instead I am telling you that I had to miss my flight due to a family-wide outbreak of the flu (but don’t worry!  I still prayed for you and I am feeling much better).

As we have all learned this weekend, things happen (a lot of things happen); and life tends to not take into account our plans or expectations.  The cool thing about that?  Sometimes you end up with a weekend of a lot of unexpected good news*.  The bad thing?  Sometimes you end up with the flu.  🙂

Have a good day, everyone!

*I know this has been beaten into the ground in the past two days, but I want to speak precisely here and say that I do not consider any man’s death to be “good news”.  The good news is that he is no longer able to bring destruction to the lives of so many in the world.  It has been encouraging seeing so many Americans making this kind of distinction in the past two days.