Ask Mary: How does God Speak to Us?

I would love to know your opinion of whether or not you think if God works in signs. Many people constantly try to understand what God wants them to do with their lives and they search for answers in the “signs” that God gives them. For example, when something becomes greatly difficult and seemingly impossible, is this a “sign” to give up or not?  I have discussed this with many people, and I would like to know what you think. Thanks!

My Answer:

First of all, thanks for the question!  Throughout history, God has spoken to His creation through the events of their lives, and this is still true today.  From this perspective, I think that it is definitely fitting to say that God uses “signs” to reveal to us His plan for us.

However, because we are flawed and often let our pride get the better of us, I think we sometimes try to impose “signs” that aren’t really there in order to fit God’s will for our life into our own.  A lot of people, for example, will take their fuzzy feelings as a “sign” that a certain decision is the correct one.  “It just feels right,” they might say.  Or perhaps the sunlight hit the stained-glass window just at the right time while you were praying in the Church about whether or not you should go out with the quarterback.  Obviously that means God is saying you should, right?

Often times when we are nervous about the future or a decision we are making, we try to take the difficulty out by just looking for signs to make the decision for us.  Or worse, sometimes when we want to make a decision that we know deep down is not in line with God’s will for our lives, we then desperately seek after any sign that could possibly indicate otherwise.  I think we do this because we know that, if we would just think logically about the decision, the answer we would come to would probably not please us.  So we look for a sign to blame our seemingly senseless decision on Divine Intervention.

But there are also those times when we sincerely just do not know God’s will for our lives; and I think this may get more to the heart of your question: “If something becomes greatly difficult and seemingly impossible, is this a ‘sign’ to give up or not?” Difficulty is not necessarily a sign to give up.  Even things that are virtually impossible, if God wills them, they will meet their completion.  Sometimes God allows us to go through difficulty in order to increase our trust in Him.

No matter how you slice it though, you are going to come across times in your life when you are uncertain of how to proceed.  Step one is to pray.  Ask God to make His path known to you; and let Him fill you with His peace.  Trust that He knows better than you do, and all you have to do is follow.  Step two is to look for the “signs” around you.  And I don’t mean make a deal with God that if the light turns green in the next four seconds, you will go to College A, but if not, you will go to College B.  Use the reason God gave you.  Does this decision make sense despite the difficulties?  Is it prudent?  What do the people you look up to in life have to say about the matter?  Don’t let anyone make your decision for you, but do make use of the “signs” God has put in your life.

And as always, God will never, ever tell you to do anything contrary to His law or teachings, so if you think God gave you a “sign” that it is okay to go out when your parents said no, think again.  God is no hypocrite.

I hope this answer was helpful.  I really enjoyed answering it.  If anyone reading has a question you would like to see answered, feel free to use the form below:

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