More Than Cheesy

Since the dawn of time (or at least for the past several years), women everywhere have been dragging their dutiful boyfriends and husbands to their fair (or perhaps unfair) share of romantic comedies.  And as long as this has been going on, there have always been men who, 2 ½ minutes into the film, proudly proclaim that they have figured out the ending to the film: the guy and girl who, at present, hate each other will end up falling madly in love and will go onto live happily ever after.

Case closed.  Can we go see Captain America now?

Seasoned boyfriends and husbands eventually figure out that women typically do not go to the movies to figure out the ending of a story.  Of course the guy gets the girl in the end.  Frankly, we wouldn’t be watching the movie if we expected it to end in any other way.  We want Happily-Ever-Afters.  More importantly, though, we want to see just how the story plays out.  How will the characters find their Happily-Ever-After?  This is what keeps us coming back (and bringing you) to the same kinds of movies over and over again.

You may laugh at this, but I’d like to propose that this is not all that different from how a Catholic ought to view life and the world around him or her.

If you think about it, we know the ending to this story.  Good wins out; evil loses.  The problem is that, in life, things rarely happen according to when and how we think they ought to, and unlike a movie, we don’t have the luxury of assuming this drama will tie up neatly at the end of two hours.   So we end up getting so caught up in the story that we forget we already know the end.  And when we have forgotten this, we have forgotten God.

Of course this is not to say that we are to abandon all responsibilities and just say, “God is taking care of it”.  No, we are still characters in this story and we have important roles to play.  And unlike the cheesy and predictable romantic comedy, our story is meant to be a great one (God doesn’t do mediocre).  We just have to trust that the writer knows what He is doing.