From the Flight Deck: A Wake Up Call

Two days ago, I found myself on an airplane flying home from Dallas.  I am not at all a chatty person on airplanes.  I’m that person who is either buried in a book, or plugged into headphones, or sleeping (or both).  I will probably greet you at the beginning of the flight, but if it’s up to me, that will be our only real contact.

Things were going fine.  An older gentleman took his seat next to mine, and we exchanged the typical greetings: “hello, how are you?”, “coming home or leaving?”, “what line of work are you in?”

And then I learned something rather terrifying about my chosen path in life.  If someone asks you what you do, and your response is, “I’m studying to get my MA in Biblical Theology,” you better be prepared for what is about to happen.

“Biblical Theology!” the man exclaimed, “You’re going to have to explain that one!”

As it turns out, what my defensive, introverted, and terrified self initially mistook for judgmental scoff was actually something closer to inspired shock—which only scared me more.  Here sitting next to me was this pleasant Christian fellow, amazed that someone my age was actually pursuing studying Scripture, and he was dying to talk to me about it.  He had all these questions and things he had recently read or heard that he wanted to get my opinion on, as if he assumed that I would be someone who could answer.

It didn’t scare me simply because I couldn’t answer all of his questions (I am a student, after all, and no one can be expected to have all of the answers).  It scared me because in that moment I began to realize what responsibility this degree is going to come with.  People are going to look to me as if I know the answers to some of the most important questions you can ask.  That’s a lot of pressure.

The plus side is that it all has to come from God, and I will succeed in achieving His plans for my life so long as I stay close to Him.  I guess sometimes I just need God to put that guy on the plane next to me to remind me.