The Back-to-School Post

It’s officially September.  And as it seems the rest of the young adult world returns to classes or goes off to college for the first time, I find myself 9 days away from my college graduation.

As such, I thought this would be prime opportunity to impart a very important piece of wisdom for those of you continuing or just beginning your college years.  And that is, if your experience will be anything like mine was…

Very few things will go according to your plan…and I mean that in the best way possible.

Translation: Don’t stress 🙂

I know this is going to sound terrible (and odd, since it happened in three years)—but graduating from college was never really a high priority on my to-do list.  Like a lot of girls (girls that other women often scoff at for giving womankind a bad name), I was always kind of hoping I could get away with just a year or two of classes and an MRS. rather than a B.S.

But God clearly had other plans.  And, contrary to what I probably would’ve said had I seen the program schedule He had in mind from Day 1, I like His plans much better than mine…

So here’s to beginning college in one state and graduating in another…  And putting off declaring a major to the last second and then choosing the one that your school technically doesn’t even offer yet…  Here’s to taking an entire year to actually open up and talk to people (actually, please learn from my mistake on that one and begin to socialize… NOW 🙂 )…

And to all the ups and downs you will experience in your walk with God during this time in college, and remembering that no matter how far you fall He will always take you back.

College will be great.  Work hard; but don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the one in charge.  It’ll be more fun His way.  I promise.