Truth Doesn’t Change

I interrupt my normal posting schedule to bring you this message:

Discussion on one of my posts has led to some confusion over what the Church actually teaches on…well…how it teaches 🙂

Can a whole bunch of Catholics decide they know better than the Magisterium?

From an excellent post from Aggie Catholics on what Sensus Fidei (the sense of the faithful) actually means and why Church teaching cannot be changed by a majority vote:

The Sensus fidei is a gift given to guide God’s Church into all truth. We have the promises of Christ that the Holy Spirit will do just that. Here is the definition found in the index of the Catechism:

Sensus Fidei: a supernatural appreciation of the faith shown by the universal consent in matters of faith and morals manifested by the whole body of the faithful under the guidance of the Magisterium.

Notice that the Magisterium must guide it.

Click here to read the entire explanation from Aggie Catholics.

Happy second Sunday of Advent!