Jesus, We Trust In You


Why is it that one of the hardest lessons to learn also seems to be one of God’s most favorite to teach?  “Trust in Me,” He says.  “My Timing Is Not Yours,” He repeats (over and over, and over again).

I think I can safely assert that we have all had countless experiences in our lives to teach us this lesson.  Sometimes it might look like a rejection letter from your dream university.  Other times it’s finding out that your big brother has to stay in Afghanistan longer than you had been hoping for.  And often it’s something even more heartbreaking and difficult to accept.

It’s not that I think that God looks down from Heaven, sees us slipping up in the trust department, and then sends challenging events in order to “teach us a lesson.”  On the contrary—Our God is a God of mercy and compassion.  We know the hard days will come.  We know that sometimes in life we’ll ask “Why?” knowing that no answer could even possibly satisfy.  Thankfully, we also know there’s someone we can turn to in these times—someone who holds each of us in the palm of his hand.

No, God doesn’t allow trials in order to hurt us.  Through trials He manifests to us how much He loves us.  He’s there in our weakest moments.  In our darkest hours.  In our pain and our questioning we can be confident of one thing: He is the one constant in a lifetime of uncertainty.

Our trials can remind us of this—even if we think we already know it.