Tomorrow is the day.  That day that has come every year for the past 41 makes its appearance on the calendar again tomorrow.  41 years of slaughtering our most defenseless under the protection of law.

Lord, have mercy.


We renew our prayers for the end of abortion in our country and in the world over.  We ask God to break our hearts again for all attacks on the dignity of human life.  We ask God to break our hearts for our sisters and our brothers who have been hurt by the tragedy of abortion.  We pray for the courage to seek ways to reach out to the victims of abortion with compassion and charity.

It’s said that no one goes happily to the abortion clinic.  It’s a decision sought out of fear, guilt, or an overall sense of hopelessness.  Most agree: abortion is not a happy choice for anyone.

Wouldn’t it be something, to live in a world where this awful “choice” did not have to be made?  Where life was celebrated—no matter the circumstance.  Where mothers and fathers were offered real support…support to raise the child or to see him or her into a loving and stable family.

God, raise up saints to build that world.  Remind us that your love is bigger than our sin…that your love has already conquered death.  Draw each of us into your victory.