“In Her Heart”

A beautiful part of being human—and one that I still can’t quite figure out—is that not every thought, experience, or idea of mine is meant to be shared with the world.  Some things are meant to be just for me—to chew on, to reflect on, to ponder, within my own heart.

luke2.19 “…And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart”

This is a hard truth to learn for our social media age, when every thought that comes into my head has the ability to be shared with hundreds of my closest twitter followers.  And goshdarnit, my opinions are unique and I am unrepeatable!  Shouldn’t I share this uniqueness with the world?

Yes and no.  See, in my desire to give to the world a snapshot of who I am, to share my opinions, concerns, and creativity, I often neglect to take the time to dwell in my own heart.  It’s a skill I am still learning: discerning what is meant to be shared with the world and what God wants to share with me.

My temptation is to immediately understand for myself every experience or idea that God has placed in my life… to sum it up in an easy-to-swallow 140-character truth and move on with my life.  Open-shut.  Thanks for the gift, God!  Moving on.

But some things require more thought, more reflection, more time with God to truly see them for all of their beauty.  Some things aren’t meant to be shared with the world.

Mary shows me that this inner reflection with God in my own heart is not some selfish exercise in “this is yours and this is mine.”  The Blessed Mother is an example in a love that gives of her whole being—but the recipient of this gift is none other than Christ Himself.  Christ in the poor, Christ in the marginalized, Christ in the flesh of a babe lying in a manger—but Christ, and Christ alone.

Do we take time to reflect on what God is doing in our hearts?