Saint Joseph, Pray for Us! (4 Reasons to Love St. Joseph)



Today is the solemnity* of Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What a man!

Chosen to be the foster father of the Son of God, and most chaste spouse of the Mother of God, Saint Joseph is not simply a “saint-by-association.”  There are tons of reasons to love Saint Joseph!

He is a model for fathers and for husbands.  Men, pray to be like him, and ladies, ask him to pray for your future spouse!

He is the patron saint of workers.  Give your job over to him and he will help you to work diligently and for the glory of God.

The Scriptures tell us that he is a “just man.”  He is and example in holiness and teaches us to choose what’s right and to be obedient to God and our superiors.

Tradition teaches us that he is the “most chaste spouse” of the Blessed Virgin Mary—someone we can look to help us live out chastity in our lives.

Saint Joseph, Pray for us!

*Because today is a solemnity, it’s not appropriate to fast.  Celebrate Saint Joseph!  Feast!  It’s essentially a Sunday, so your lenten sacrifice does not need to be observed today. 🙂